The Google Health Advisory Council

Google has convened their Advisory Council, presumably to advise them on their health-related initiatives.

Looking at the list, it sounds like a lot of old-school, ivory tower types drafted for their titles. Not a lot of youth nor medical bloggers here, which would have been better choices, considering the demographic of the web.

Listen to the outrage.

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  • Anonymous

    Kevin – are you unabashedly lobbying for inclusion?
    [Fodder and ammo for your detractors...]

  • Anonymous

    Worry not, Google did not summon these types to listen to them.

    They are merely an elaborate cover to distract from the fact that Google cares about nothing except high-priced keyword clicks.

    Google Health is about profit at the expense of people who should go see a doctor instead.

  • KarynMD

    You’re absolutely right. So sick of these old white guys being the face of medicine. No wonder the nurses are kicking our asses with respect to getting what they feel they deserve. Google should be ashamed. What credibility do they think these guys have with people who use their product?

    They *should* include Kevin!!

  • <b>Dean Giustini – <i>blogger</i></b>

    Hi Kevin,

    Google missed out on an opportunity to send a message to nurses, pharmacists and other health professionals (medical librarians) that their opinions matter.

    See my post at the Open Medicine blog about the insult to medical librarians.

  • Anonymous

    oh nooooooooooo! not the “old white guys!”

    Please God (Goddess?) help us!!

  • Rachel

    I have to agree with both you, Kevin, and Dean. Medical librarians have as their core mission linking people to health information. It’s our profession, our skill set, and the area in which we earn advanced educations. It’s what we do every single day, in support of doctors, nurses, and patients. It’s shameful for Google not to recognize this.

  • John Mack

    Now, I’m not complaining that Google didn’t pick me or any other healthcare blogger to be on this council. But it should include experts in pharma eMarketing, especially those experts who want and know how to do it right.

    After all, most of Google’s health ad revenue comes from the pharmaceutical industry. Google should take a leading position in the development of guidelines regarding pharma’s participation in social media, and what is acceptable and what is not

    In fact, I know at least one person who fits the bill for helping Google do this.

    To find out who and read more on this subject, see my post to Pharma Marketikng Blog.

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