Risperdal Legos

A new low, drug marketing on children’s toys.

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  • codeblog

    Ouch. That’s pretty bad.

  • Anonymous

    I want some!

    Superb kitsch value.

  • Lisa

    Yeah, right. That’s kitsch. A stupid trinket I would put on my desk. Do we really need to be afraid that if someone gave this to their kid all the sudden the 4-year-old set will be demanding risperidol? I think we need a little perspective here.

  • Anonymous

    Not anymore than if I gave my kid a toy gun or a kiddie bow and arrow set.

  • Mark

    Somehow I don’t see this as an attempt to sell to kids. Those promo items look like something cute that’s intended to sit on a doctor’s desk and amuse him. Now, if they started including them in happy meals I might have to change my mind ……

  • Anonymous

    Is this the work of Peter Bell of J&J and Autism Speaks?

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