Is the NY Times fair and balanced when it comes to health care?

Of course not, says Richard Reece:

It all comes down to altitude and attitude. From their lofty perch, The New York Time’s editorial staff has yet to tumble to the reality America is basically a conservative nation, distrusts centralized government, wants choices of care and providers, demands access to the wonders of high tech medicine, and believes a market-based system, with all its faults, such as profits for entrepreneurial and innovative health care companies and doctors, are worth the price and value received.

It is almost as though The Times denies the existence of entrepreneurial capitalism in American health care . . . Unremitting accusations of bad faith and constant “bad news” stories don’t strengthen health care.

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  • Bob James, M.D., J.D.

    It’s very simple. The NYT is typical of the liberal mainstream media. They are not fair and balanced when it comes to anything!

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