"Hand in a Box"

Another med student short. The trials of male medical students during an OB/GYN rotation.

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  • Anonymous

    I think one of them is Sanjaya from American idol in disguise.

    On another note, does anybody think the one on the left looks like McSteamy from Grey’s Anatomy? Does anybody watch that show?

    good thing these kids have a career in medicine going for them

  • Parcho

    Out. Freaking. Standing.

  • RJS


  • jojomd

    That is freaking awsome.

  • Chris, RN

    They were obviously inspired by another vid from Saturday Night Live, “A Special Christmas Box.” Turn around is fair play boys.


  • Anonymous

    I’m embarrassed for you and them.

  • hand in a mousetrap

    And people wonder why I don’t let Med students touch me.

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