A dose of personal responsibility

There’s none left, according to Panda Bear:

We pay lip service to the idea of patient-centered health care of course, and including the patient as an equal partner in medical decisions is the New Religion. In our society however, where a physician can get sued for not having written on the discharge instructions for a dead crack dealer, “Return to Emergency Department if chest pain returns,” well, there just isn’t as much equal partnering as you’d like to believe.

In fact, there’s none to speak of where it counts. Not an artery hardens or liver fails without a physician somewhere, somehow being blamed. Personal responsibilty having long ago been abandoned in every other part of society has finally been driven from medicine which is the one place above all others where it is critical.

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  • Anonymous

    Considering how hard physicians work at attempting to shed their own liability, and blaming everyone else for financial decisions they make, I hardly think they should be throwing stones at patients from their glass houses.

  • Anonymous

    Physicians have very little control over their liability problems or their insurance reimbursement. Not many can afford to live in glass houses let alone pay off their 100K of training debt. No one will ever feel sorry for the doctor.

  • Professional Defendant

    I am being sued largely because a patient failed to heed advice, and died. I gave him this advice. It was re-iterated at a later date by another physician. It was relayed to the patients family, and to the doctor to whom he was referred. All of this is very well documented.

    Yet I am being sued, the theory being that I did not ensure that he followed my advice. Who’s throwing stones?

  • Happyman

    the concept of P4P theoretically puts the onus of compliance on doctors rather than patients – as if I am going home with the patient & watching them diet, exercise, and take their meds.

    personal responsibility? bs.

  • Anonymous

    I see a lot of shedding of responsibility by doctors as well; we come from the same culture. Shrugging their shoulders at shoddy business operations in which they have a part, whining about hospital quality problems without acting proactively, turning a blind eye to incompetent or reckless colleagues.

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