Today marks the start of the fourth year here at Kevin, M.D. – Medical Weblog.

Over the years, many hot health topics have been covered and endlessly debated, making good on my goal of pulling the curtain back and allowing the medical profession to tell it like it is.

With health care reform in the wings, things are bound to get even more heated, and I’ll be more than happy to keep throwing matches into the firestorm of debate.

Thanks to all the readers who read the blog regularly, making this one of the more highly visible health blogs today. I appreciate those who passionately voice their own opinions, whether they agree with me or not (keep it coming CJD and Elliott).

As a sign of appreciation, I’m giving away 3 copies of Dr. Jerome Groopman’s book, How Doctors Think.

Contact me with your name and mailing address, and I’ll have the publisher send out books out to the 1st, 10th, and 20th responses I get.

Once again, thank you and here’s to another year of telling it like it is.

Update 5/4/07, 1:30pm EST:
2 books gone, 1 to go.

Update 2:
The books have been given away. Thanks for all of your responses.

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  • Anonymous

    And many happy returns!


  • KipEsquire

    You’re the best at this niche, without question.


  • Flea


    All the best, Kevin,


  • Steve Woodruff

    Congratulations on such a long track record of prolific and interesting writing (I read your stuff pretty much daily!)

  • John J. Coupal

    Kevin, your contributions to health care discussions keep a lot of us informed. Thank you!

    Keep up the good work.

    John Coupal

  • Fard Johnmar


    Thanks so much for your wonderful contributions to the medical and healthcare blogospheres. Here’s to another wonderful year!

  • Anonymous

    Happy anniversary!

    I look forward to another year of enjoining the battle.


  • Dr.O

    Congrats. Kevin!

  • Anonymous

    good job Kevin. you really put alot of time into this. i am an avid blog fan. this is a great site for anyone with any interest in medicine/ health legal issues. CB

  • Harry

    It’s tough to keep up a blog…especially 4 years! Congrats!

  • Allyson

    w00t from me and the other 14 folks who read your blog from Live Journal. I still wish I could change the name since I ended up syndicating it under the wrong name. :)

  • Chris, Rn

    Congratulations Kevin!
    *pops champagne cork*


  • Conciergedoc

    You’re my Internet Explorer homepage for a reason. Keep it up!!.

    Oh, by the way, interesting blog post from the Mass Medical Society President on “Minuteclinics.”

  • DrWes

    Damn nice job, Kevin. Congrats.

  • Anonymous

    Your blog is like a Pub where I can get my daily sip of whisky and listen to some old crotchety gentlemen (and ladies)whine about their miserable existence. And like an alcoholic, I keep coming back. Great job, Kevin. Keep on blogging.


    Congratulations, Kevin, on a blog well-done. I visit daily for my healthcare news. Youa re an institution.

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