A woman spends $40,000 on a new face to find a husband

Was it worth it?

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  • scalpel

    Next she should fix the goiter.

  • Gasman

    The thing about ‘before and after’ pictures is that there is no effort whatsoever to have repreesntative photography for the before.
    I’ve seen better pictures from 7-11 survelance cameras; poorly lit, bad color, grainy, unflattering angle, goofy head scarf and a nose ring. Any hack photographer can take a bad picture.

  • Carol

    The whole “eyebrows removed” thing creeps me out. I don’t understand why women think that this eyebrow style she had tated on is attractive. And, as a girl, what about the lip tat? What if she is wearing orange one day? That red will TOTALLY clash. Also, as a girl, I have to admit that I always wanted dimples. But not enough to have my cheek pierced from inside and suture pulled back and ewwww. Basically she just looks fake and I never think that’s a good thing.

  • Anonymous

    “She’s a MAN, baby!”

  • Anonymous

    She’s even uglier than before! Dang!

  • Cathy

    Oh man, I want tatoo eyeliner. Actually, I don’t see much difference between her before and after pictures. The before one just looks like a bad day and the after looks like she got ready to go some where. How much did she spend to make that happen?

  • Max E Nurse

    Have to agree – with the anonymous comment. She looks like a rough tranny…
    why do they always manage to get such a rough before photo and then a well lit after photo? I could make my haemorrhoids look good in the right lighting!


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