Steffie Woolhandler: Bias taints her study

She wrote that health savings accounts costs more for women due to more preventive exam needs. However, she is a single-payer fanatic, with obvious bias to her study – which is not even available for public viewing. (via Health Care BS)

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  • Anonymous

    Anytime I see any opinion hound use the word “punish” in reference to the fact that some people have more costs imposed by the natural exigencies of life, instead of in reference to actual punishment–an imposition of cost or pain in retaliation for unwanted behavior, then I just cross them off my reading list and move on.

    I guess she thinks men are severely punished by social security and Medicare because they pay a lot more taxes and don’t live as long. Whites are punished by the skin block manufactorers because they have to pay more to protect themselves from sunburn than darker people. Obese people are punished by clothing sellers. Dumb people, who can’t help being dumb, are punished by the capitalist labor market. Neurotic people are likewise punished by a labor market that pays more for more stressful jobs–and those who can bear them.

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