Tony Snow’s colon cancer has spread to his liver

The outlook is grim. Sid Schwab with more:

In the case of colon cancer which has spread to the liver, the outlook is not good. On average, survival is in the range of six months. There are exceptional circumstances, for instance when it appears than only one tumor nodule is growing in the liver, in which case removing it and giving chemotherapy may prolong life. Unfortunately that’s rare: in most cases when it’s discovered, it’s widespread.

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  • Anonymous

    wow that last comment is so untrue about colon cancer spreading to liver and having 6 months to live. i had colon cancer that spread to the liver had it surgically removed and am currently fine and showing no signs of cancer well over 6 months, try 4 years now and i had multiple liver lesions.there are many people who live for years with stage 4 disease and some have been truely cured due to liver resection surgery and chemo. get your facts straight before posting garbage like that because it is not true. stage 4 is the worst prognosis but can still be cured on certain individuals when it is caught at it’s earliest growth. i know many people who have survived for years with this disease. do some more research. i can assure you tony snow will not be dead in 6 months that is ridiculous. shame on you.

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