Honoraria for doctors

An internist defends the practice:

“Drug companies are like lions,” Grimm says in the story. “For lions, it’s their nature to kill zebras and eat them. For drug companies, it’s their nature to make money. They’re not really trying to improve anybody’s health except if it makes them money “¦ On your side, you’re making a bit of money, but you’re also trying to educate the doctors. And in my view, the doctors need a lot of educating.”

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  • Anonymous

    I wonder why the drug whore thinks his 15 minute talk is any better than if the attendent spent the same time reading uptodate or Harrison’s? If he thinks the doctors need educating, is he really doing them a service, or just using them to rationalize the “honorarium”.

    The drug companies are doing it for the money and you are doing it for the money. (and the people sitting in the seats are doing it for the money). Don’t rationalize it.

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