Academic physicians who teach are seeing a raise

Teaching physicians are getting harder to come by, given the fact that teaching is largely undercompensated. Harvard is helping solve this issue:

There is wide variation in what the roughly 7,000 full-time instructors at Harvard Medical School are paid to teach the school’s 771 students in classrooms, labs, and hospitals. Some are paid at well below going rates for doctors’ services — $30 an hour for some courses — and many who provide on-the-job teaching at the hospitals are not paid at all. Under the new plan, the goal is to pay doctors $100 an hour to teach.

The amount is comparable to the hourly rate that a typical primary care doctor earns, though far less than what some surgeons and other specialists make.

(via White Coat Notes)

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  • Anonymous

    Great, so now my tuition goes up $10,000

  • Anonymous

    That is a whole lot less than they pay their faculty for actual teaching time in their overpriced and overvalued undergraduate program.

  • Anonymous

    There is nothing free in this world. What do you expect. Don’t worry, you will make it back.

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