What happens when you leave your contact lenses in for a year?

Well, don’t do what this guy did:

A Chinese man had to have his contact lenses surgically removed after he did not take them out for a year.

Liu, 40, started to wear contact lenses a year ago and never took them out because he found it difficult.

“I only have some eye drops for when they feel uncomfortable,” he told Chutian City News.

Liu recently felt his eyesight was getting worse, so he bought another pair of lenses and wore them on top of the old ones.

But when his eyesight still didn’t improve, he took another startling decision.

“I put a pair of used disposal contact lenses over the other two pairs in my eyes. By then, I was wearing three pairs of lenses,” he said.

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  • Anonymous

    Stupid should hurt.

  • Anonymous

    Not everyone is a good candidate for contact lenses.

  • Anonymous

    In this country a lawyer would be sueing the company because the patient was not clearly instructed to eventually “remove” the contacts.

  • Anonymous

    This article is very dubious from a medical standpoint. Contact lens overwear typically causes irritation and eventually an infectious ulcer. The contact lenses do not grow into the eye.

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