New discharge planning strategy: Paying people to go home

An ER physician offers patients in a crowded ER $10 if they went home.

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  • Anonymous

    Apparently some took him up on it. And it was CAD 10.00.

  • Anonymous

    the whining lady in the story should have been happy. It gave her a chance that her wait would be shortened

  • Rich, MD

    This is not a new idea. Read The House of God by Samuel Shem.

  • Gasman

    It’s hard to take the article seriously because it is written with grade school level misspellings and grammar errors.

    a emergency = an emergency
    council ed = counseled
    doctor’s = doctors (plural not possessive)
    due = do
    there = their
    doctor’s = doctors
    sault =Sault
    With this many facts not checked by the author, one can only guess at the thoroughness of the original reporting.

  • Bad Shift

    I don’t understand the complaint–was the offer too low?

  • Anonymous

    We threaten to post a “Free Beer At (Competing Hospital)” sign on the front window at triage. Ten bucks is just a little more direct. ;-)

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