Analysis of Wyden’s health care plan

Shadowfax with more excellent analysis. Certainly seems more appealing than California’s recent reform proposal:

I do not know whether this bill has a chance of becoming law — certainly the odds are stacked against it. But it is the first proposal for health care reform I am familiar with, which does not seem to contain any lethal flaws. It achieves much of the goals of a single payer system without threatening to impose a socialized healthcare system. It is not perfect, but, more importantly, it is attainable.

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  • Diora

    Seems way more appealing than Bush’ plan as well. I am not objective, though, because I have an above-average plan at work.

    I am just afraid it is “too good to be true”…

  • Criminallopath

    “There are some bitter pills to swallow, though most are not deal-breakers.”

    Was it just me or did I miss the bitter bill portion for the providers? Every group had purported benefits but only one group was lacking a bitter pill. If we are going to spread the pain around… spread it around to everybody.

  • Anonymous

    I really didn’t see a down-side for providers. They will be squeezed by the participating insurance companies to provide care at the lowest rates, but my throat still hurts from the squeezing Blue Cross gave me last week! So really no different. Also, there was some mention that there would be expected to be some give-back of the cost-shifted fee schedule as it exists now. In ther words, since my firm contracts with some insurance companies at 200% of medicare rates to offset the burden of care for uninsured and Medicaid patients, once those patients no longer exist, the rationale for charging that premium disappears. Frankly, that sounds fair, as long as my gross collections per RVU at least stay where they are.

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