Diabetic Sues Over Nightclub’s Syringe Ban

I can understand the nightclub’s concerns . . .

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  • Kathleen Weaver

    Why to you see their side?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Kathleen,
    I’m not necessarily saying I agree with them, clearly diabetics have as much right as any to be in the club. But there are legitimate health/public health concerns dealing w/ needles, blood borne diseases, biohazard disposal, potential for IVD abuse etc. That could be awfully daunting for a club to deal with.

    The curious part is why now? What have diabetics been doing previous to this? I’m sure they’ve handled it well to this point.

  • Kathleen Weaver

    I wonder why the club is doing it now — I don’t know of any Type 1 diabetic who leaves their kit behind, which contains not only syringes, but sharps.

    I actually didn’t attend my Master’s graduation because I couldn’t carry my stuff with me and didn’t feel like fighting it.

    And wonder how often THAT happens?

  • Anonymous

    I suspect before now it wasn’t a problem because this is so inanely ridiculous that it never occurred to anyone to take a life saving medication away from someone with a legitimate reason for carrying it. I’m disgusted with the club.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Megan. Shoddy treatment. She shouldn’t have been turned away. The needles were in her KIT for God’s sake!

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