A dentist fires back with a lawsuit against the state who suspended his license

Follow-up on the case where the 5-year old died from anesthesia-related complications:

A state report alleged that Riba failed to properly monitor the girl’s pulse, breathing and blood pressure after she received a sedative mix of Valium, nitrous oxide and several other drugs.

State officials alleged that in order to protect the public, they needed to suspend Riba’s dental, controlled substances and other licenses while the case is pending.

But in the lawsuit filed Tuesday, Riba contends the suspension is a “clear, uncontroverted and a blatant violation” of his constitutional right to due process of law.

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  • Gasman

    The article refers to the child as ‘slipping into a coma’ (paraphrased) after the administration of these drugs.

    No one becomes comatose with these drugs. However, inadequate breathing might result in inadequate delivery of red blood to the brain, and that causes coma.

    Sometimes bad stuff happens even when things are done right. But bad stuff is more likely to happen when inadequate monitoring is present. A qualified sedator with the sole task of monitoring the patient must be present and must have available appropriate physiologic monitoring aids, such as ECG, pulse oxymetry, blood pressure cuff, plus the nitrous oxide machine needs a special monitor to ensure that sufficient oxygen is available for the patient to breath. Finally, a crash cart for resuscitation, and pediatric trained individuals to run such a resuscitation must be immediatly available (within the office suite). It is insufficient to rely upon 911 as the backup plan; there must be sufficient local resouces available to rescue sedation related problems.

    The easiest system failure to check is whether he had present required monitors, resuscitation equipment and trained Pediatric Life Support staff members. If he skimped on any of these then nail his ass.

  • anonymous

    A state board with teeth! Bravo!

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