You can’t sue a doctor for a medical bill

Some patients think they can sue doctors for anything. Like this story over medical bills:

Out of the blue, we received a bill for $300 from a collection agency from the former neurologist. I recently wrote to the doctor and told her what had transpired and how we felt we owe her nothing.

We know we could have pursued a medical malpractice claim but choose not to, but can Action Express help us with the bill?

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  • NoAcuteDistress

    What do you expect? It’s New JERSEY fer cryin’ out loud!

  • rbrav

    I think they’re saying “malpractice” to the prior treatment (bad meds), not to the bill.

  • anonymous

    I think some details are missing from this account, but I would hope that anyone on two medications for seizures has a seizure disorder. It is not readily apparent that the original physician did anything wrong nor that the doctor was aware of the patient’s condition. My general thinking is PAY YOUR BILL and I hope interest and a late payment penalty was included. The original doctor will no doubt lose 50% of anything collected to the collection agency anyway. Anyone want to bet whether the second doctor’s bill has been paid?

  • USAF MD ’05

    I’m assuming the “mask like impression ” on the guy’s face was likely due to the extra-pyramidal side effects of the meds he was on, and he was experiencing Parkinson-like symptoms. Someone should explain to the lady that the guy had a well established side effect of the meds and likely needs new ones, or a lower dose of what he was on. No malpractice here, just bad luck. Steve

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