An abdominal film that needs to be seen to be believed

A gun in the vaginal vault. It’s 24 crossed with ER:

How the hell were we to get the gun out without the damn thing discharging?

In the end, there was no real option. She was sedated and taken to the OR for an exam under anesthesia. They put a bulletproof vest over the patient’s body to protect the anesthesiologist in the event the gun went off, and had general surgery standing by. The OB-GYN who did the extraction reported a very tense moment when he perceived that the hammer was cocked and there appeared to be a shell in the chamber.

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  • lawyersux

    They always tell us to do a GC and chlamydia “while you’re there”. You think the OB-gyn remembered to send those off?

  • Dr Samson Isberg

    They tell you that, yes. What they don’t tell you is the quagmire you get into when the Gc turns up positive. Suddenly you stop being a doctor and start being a detective: – who was your last contact? and the contact befor that? what are their adresses? have you given this gift to anybody else?

    And next time around, five belligerent males with a probable psychopathic character disorder turns up at your office, each with his own lawyer, threatening to sue you “because it wasn’t me who gave this to her, it was she who gave this to me, besides I’ve never seen her before in my life, and your bringing me her has caused me tons of grief”, and if you still persists the next catch will net ten or twenty promiscous braindeads of both sexes, some of whom may be minors, each with their own lawyers, each threatening…

    …no, drop the GC and Chlamydia test. Just remove the revolver and emtpy the chamber.

  • lawyersux

    In the ER, we just tell them we can’t figure out who had the STD first, you may have been walking around with this for years, here’s your shot and pill, wear a condom next time. I don’t give a shit who gave the Drip to who. Most of the teenagers I see are proud they got an STD, almost like it proves they had sex.

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