Refused treatment because she was gay

WashPost talks about how religious beliefs affects treatment decisions:

Patients around the country describe similar experiences — being shocked, judged, humiliated, frightened and angered when they have encountered health-care workers who are overt in some religious beliefs.

Sometimes providers proselytize gay or unmarried patients but do provide care. Sometimes they refuse to fill prescriptions for birth control or morning-after pills but refer patients elsewhere. Other times they refuse to treat them at all.

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  • Anonymous

    Those stories are incredible – how would they like it if I could refuse to treat them once they came in with their own medical problems because I disagreed with their views. I’m not a huge fan of the legal system, but if anyone deserves to get sued, this sure sounds right.

  • Anonymous

    The hallmark of a professional is that the he does the job irrespective of his personal beliefs. My painter may not like the color I choose for my living room, but he still has to paint it that color.

    My job is to try to help the patient. If I can, I’m obligated to do what is his nest interests. If I can’t I should sent him to someone who can.

    People who can’t handle that concept don’t deserve to be called professionals.

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