Dr. Anna Pou: The arrest warrant

More details can be found here. Here is an excerpt:

. . . T.M., Nurse Executive and Director of Education for Lifecare Hospitals, advised affiant that on Thursday, September 1, 2005, conditions at Memorial Medical Center had deteriorated. Lifecare patients were located on three floors awaiting evacuation. There were several patients remaining on the seventh floor of Memorial Medical Center. That morning, Dr. Pou came up to the seventh floor and told T.M. that the patients remaining on the seventh floor were probably not going to survive. Dr. Pou told T.M. that “a decision had been made to administer lethal doses” to these patients. T.M. asked Dr. Pou “Lethal doses of what?” T.M. does not recall exactly what Dr. Pou said, but T.M. believes that Dr. Pou replied morphine and ativan. T.M. asked Dr. Pou if she was just talking about Lifecare patients and Dr. Pou responded that was not the case and that they (meaning Lifecare staff) were not involved in this at all. Dr. Pou stated that “there was no telling how far it would go.” Dr. Pou further advised T.M. that nurses were coming from another part of the hospital to assist Dr. Pou. Dr. Pou made it clear that Lifecare had nothing to do with this. T.M. was advised that Dr. Pou and these nurses were taking responsibility for the patients and that Lifecare staff should leave. T.M. told Dr. Pou that it would take a little while to round up all of the Lifecare staff and get them off of the floor. As T.M. was rounding up the Lifecare staff, she saw two people on the floor who she did not know, but assumed them to be the nurses that would assist Dr. Pou. T.M. left the floor at this time with K.J., D.R., and S.H. They went to the second floor and attempted to check on the Lifecare patients remaining on the second floor, but they were advised by three or four Memorial Medical Center staff that they could not enter that area . . .

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  • Anonymous

    Pou and her accomplices constituted nothing more than a death squad.

    This was premeditated mass murder.

    Hang them high.

  • beajerry

    Sounds very fishy. Why do such a thing so loudly and with so many people around? The whole story is really starting to stink.

    I think they should drop it. If she did euthanize those patients because they were suffering, then she did a good thing, and hanging a “murder” sign on the thing is ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    After all… the lives of plebeians are meaningless when it comes to protecting the prestige of the physician community.

  • Anonymous

    What does presumed innocent until found guilty mean to you guys above?

  • Anonymous

    It appears that there was ground for the arrest and that the law may have been violated. Yes , the accused and the witnesses should have their day in court. In the olden days, the accused was thrown in the river and if he/she sunk and drowned, was innocent and if he/she float was guilty and killed.We have a better system now.
    The accused may be good citizens but if they broke the law, they should be persecuted to the full extent. No, I wasn’t there and I was watching CNN at the comfort of my home. -amd

  • Anonymous

    “Sounds very fishy. Why do such a thing so loudly and with so many people around? The whole story is really starting to stink.

    I think they should drop it. If she did euthanize those patients because they were suffering, then she did a good thing, and hanging a “murder” sign on the thing is ridiculous.”

    These claims were made and you don’t even want it INVESTIGATED?

  • mchebert

    I have a lot to say about this issue. I think charging Pou with murder is unfair, but I also think the matter cannot simply be dropped.

    I have explained my position in detail on my own website.

  • Surgeon in my dreams

    Wow. What a decision these people must have felt they had to make. Not being there, I certainly won’t judge. That being said, if I were in bad condition anyway, and was starving and thirsty and in pain and suffering…I’m not sure I would not have asked someone to help me to not suffer any longer.

  • Anonymous


    Cold blooded, premeditated murder.

    Get a rope. No, get three ropes.

  • Anonymous

    Allegations are not equivalent to the truth, anymore than being in healthcare give you a license to kill. How about we all withhold judgment until ALL the facts have been heard?

  • Laura

    I don’t have any special insight on Dr. Pou’s innocence or guilt, not having been at MMC, but since the largest portion of the testimony against her is coming from the Lifecare administrators – and Lifecare had a *bad* rep when I worked at MMC – I have to wonder… what do those four administrators have to gain if Pou is convicted?

    Many people’s opinion is that she’s guilty – and it’s been mine too – but keep Richard Jewell (the 1996 Olympic bombing) in mind. The man wasn’t guilty; Eric Rudolph later confessed to the bombing.

    We don’t know the facts yet about what went on, if ANY euthanasia actually occurred or if so, who did it. We have people who likely have something to gain, making accusations. And that’s all we have.

  • Anonymous

    Who are the people who likely have something to gain? How exactly does TM, the affiant, “gain”? Once that person’s name is revealed, they’ll be despised by the medical community.

  • Anonymous

    Hello, please assume I am the same anonymous as the first to comment.

    I have had a good hard look at myself, and now realize that I was being rather idiotic in suggesting they needed to be hanged. What sort of fool would call for blood in what appears at this early stage (without many facts) to already be a complex case?

    Please accept my apologies for my earlier outburst. If I happen to make any other brainless outbursts, please assume I think I’m being ironically witty, though chances are I don’t understand what irony is.

  • Anonymous

    Why would someone in the medicaid fraud division of the AG’s office be at the forefront of this recent media event? Why aren’t all the doctors, nurses, aids, orderlies, and administrators that left the hospital not being charged with abandonment? Why didn’t the people who believed that some impropriety was about to occur make a concerted effort to prevent that occurrence? And since they didn’t try to prevent what they said they knew was going to occur, are they not also a principal party to a crime (if one occurred) as well? In fact, aren’t they more guilty of a crime, because in their frame of mind they believed they knew what was right but failed to prevent the wrong from occurring? Surely, there were enough people on premise of the same mind set to have been able to physically restrain others. A physician’s emergency committal can be issued against a physician and nurses. Why wasn’t that done by the involved parties? Too many questions abound.

  • drdeb

    A defense fund has been established for Dr. Pou. The address is: Dr. Anna Pou Defense Fund 201 St. Charles Ave. Suite 114-363 New Orleans, LA 70170. Please contact me if you would be willing to do more to help Dr. Pou and the two nurses, Cheri and Lori. I am trying to raise awareness across the country regarding this horrible injustice! The e-mail I have set up for this purpose is: JusticeforPou@aol.com. Thanks!

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