Why you’re fat

A look at the top 10 reasons.

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  • Gasman

    A cute list, but not well thought out or supported firmly by real clinical evidence.

    I will quibble with the one about fatties outliving the thin. This is from discredited research from the 70s. Using weight and age from death certificates was a methodology bound to produce this paradox. Many people loose weight in the last months of life; watch out when granny suddenly looks trim. This leads to the correlation of thin at death with death. When prospective studies look at people’s weight while they are alive and then watch and wait to see what happens to them, the fatties die first; some of the fatties get thin, and the thin get thinner as the end nears. But fat was the health condition that was present before the end was near, and was thus more likely to be causative for the end than skinny on the deathbed.

  • Kim

    Personal anecdote en route:

    Basicall, began a desk job at same time I began taking Paxil. Put on 40 pounds in 9 months.

    Fat slob, you sloth – I said to myself.

    Last year new doc (old doc retired).

    Doc says, you need a drug “holiday” off this med. Did you know it can cause weight gain?


    Off Paxil 7 months: total weight lost so far without dieting, exercising or change in any habits at all: 23 pounds.

    I’m just sayin….. : )

  • Anonymous

    fatties die before thinnies? I don’t think so. both my grandmas weighed in excess of 300 pounds and lived to their 80′s and 90′s.

    Most of the people excluding one I remember died of heart attacks or cancer were thin in their fifties and sixties. My friend who died was slightly chubby had just lost 50 pounds about a year before doing the atkins diet.

    He also had a physical job too. Most of the people i know who got breast cancer except one were thin. Only one died, the rest survived including one heavy set lady I know.

    People in this country, and unfortuanantly alot of other countries are starting to follow suit are getting obsessed with fear of fat. Many are dieting or trying to diet (even if not always successful long term). even if you see a very fat person, ask them how many pounds over their life have they lost and I bet you will get some pretty high numbers.

    I have lost at least 200 over the years. I only followed one structured diet and that was weight watchers, all the other weight loss was my own portion control thing.

    i have friends who I have known for years who have lost tons of weight over the years and are now obese simply because we didn’t understand the real culprit.

    After all the research I have done, personal experiences, others experiences, I have come to a couple of conclusions.

    One is eating, weight management etc was never meant to be a consciously controled thing.

    It is the domine of the body just like sleeping,breathing. drinking and having to use the bathroom something that if you try to interfere consciously through self control leads to serious health implications.

    Second the reason people are fat is because of violating the first conclusion.

    I believe there is a fat setpoint. I believe however that way can go up can go down. Just not exactly sure tho I am trying a theory I have which is too lengthy to explain here.


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