The so-called best time to go to the emergency room

Flea says there is no best time to go. If you can choose when you can go to an ER, you don’t have an emergency.

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  • Chris, RN

    If a patient is able to verbalize a statement like “the best time to go to the emergency room” my assessment is 2/3 over. I know they’re breathing, and they’re oriented enough to know they aren’t in the ED. After ascertaining the answer to the last question, “are you bleeding” and it’s downhill from there.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, the “advice” referenced by the aricle is ridiculous.

    And ChrisRN’s posts are boorish, attitude-filled BS. The article did NOT attribute that statement to patients. Grow up, do your job, and for God’s sake don’t hurt anybody.

  • Anonymous

    OK, I apologize for the above. Knee-jerk reaction, emphasis on jerk. It’s just that I’ve been reading these posts for a few months and have been stunned at the soaring hostility many of you show toward patients (when you’re not being hostile toward lawyers). If you come here to vent, I guess that’s a good thing, better than screaming in your patients’ faces. It’s just hard to look at doctors/nurses the same after you see how they talk about you behind your back…

  • What you talking about Willis?

    Anon 9:08, calm down. I am not a doctor nor a lawyer, but I do know that Chris didn’t say anything that should make you get so upset. He simply explained the initial assessment given to a patient that can verbally communicate.

    Chris might have said something “boorish” in the past (I don’t read every comment on this board), but his above comment does not warrant your reaction.

    My advice to you is close your eyes, take deep breaths, and picture yourself on a tropical island whenever you feel the anger within you growing. This should help prevent you from overreacting and criticizing people on subjects you know very little about.

    Good luck in life!

  • Anonymous

    “have been stunned at the soaring hostility many of you show toward patients”

    The one thing that really bugs me is how these imbeciles think they can judge the empathy and skill of a physician based on what stupidity s/he writes in the anonymous outlet of a web forum where nobody regulates his/her thoughts like in the over-regulated healthcare system. What would Osler have written if given this opportunity?

  • Chris, RN

    Hey, “anonymous” I get asked “is the emergency room busy” everyday, even though a patient may have a life threatening complaint that is better served in an ED. They argue about going to the ED; while someone with a cold INSISTS on going to the ED, which is not the proper setting for what would be a routine office visit, if that, assuming they have co-morbidities which make a cold more than a cold.

    I talk to people like you every shift. They think they know more than doctors and nurses because they read about medicine on-line. I’ve been a registered nurse for over 15 years and I can safely and proudly say, I can’t hold a candle to what physicians know and don’t pretend to either. I know my limits.

    I like to post my “opinion,” based on my personal “feelings,” at this website because it’s cool.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of visualizing a tropical island…Anonymous 9:22 apologized. Get over it already.

  • Chris, RN

    anonymous 3:03pm

    The first “anonymous” made reference to my prior posts, so I thought I would clarify my position for them.

    As for your post, pity the fool.

  • Anonymous

    while someone with a cold INSISTS on going to the ED
    People have time for this nowadays? I thought most people cannot even afford to take time off to stay home and relax, if not because of money than because of schedules.

    Going to the ER for cold? Are these people employed? Or is it just happen on weekends?

  • Anonymous


    Why is it impossible for you to have a conversation with any patients on this board without reverting to name calling. We aren’t “imbeciles” and we don’t appreciate your continued use of psedonyms as a description of us.

    Do you have Torretts(sp) syndrome? I know it sometimes will make one spout off all sorts of insults and obscene language. I’m not just referring to your most recent use of the word “imbecile”. That, in and of itself, doesn’t seem like a big deal. But “imbecile” combined with asshole, idiots, sodmites, whores, concubines, etc etc etc.” Seems to show some serious disorder going on.

    Although I don’t know if excessive use of obscene language, in the typed word, is a known symptom of Torretts syndrome?

    If you have some medical disorder causing this behavior, then share it with us and we can be more tolerable of it.

    If not, then you sir, are just a terrible, spoiled, self-consumed, immature, arrogant, abusive person who needs therapy! See, it is possible to do it without using obscene language!

  • Chris, RN

    anonymous 8:03pm

    You’re in over your head. Stop it.

  • Anonymous

    Ya think so Chris,,You have no idea of the things this guys says on here. Give him enough time and since you have revealed your sex, he will get around to calling you a whore or whatever also. Every woman that posts on this board has suffered at his wrath.

    Also, just so you know, Your not my master, I don’t take orders from you, sorry!

  • Anonymous

    Some of you are just ridiculous. How about this I had a miscarriage last night at home, when I called my Dr. this morning they told me my only option was the ER/ED so right now I’m trying to figure out the best time to go where I can spend as little amt. of time as possible sitting in a freezing cold dark dingy room thinking about my situation. Have some sympathy you have no idea why someone may have a good reason for trying to figure out the best time to go.

  • stacey

    I was actually trying to find out what time was the slowest in most emergency rooms because I need to check in for 6 -10 days for plasmapheresis per my neuro. I am well aware that I am going in as a “non-emergency” and expect that the staff in the er know how to prioritize their patients. That being said, I still have to go there and admit through the er, so when are things the most mellow in the er? 5:00 am is ok with me. Someone just toss out a suggestion ok?

  • Anonymous

    You know there are reasons to go to the ER that may not be life threatening. Broken Bone for example.

  • Anonymous

    Hello, I am a radio show host,and we had a doctor who is a trauma and ER specialist for over 20 years in a major los angeles hospital, I will spare saying the name as I dont wish to speak about this hospital in any is known to be the ‘hospital to the stars” I did ask him the best time to the ER, he said at
    7AM:am I asked why he said that he replied the shift had just changed so the doc’s and nurses have just started thier day and you would at least get a staff that has just begun thier they are not worn out yet,.he did say that most folks go to the ER oddly enough after work, so the worse time is from 5-10pm or so,I just wanted to share that with you all as I just stumbled on your site and thought you might like knowing this info from someone that has spent a good deal of his life in the ER…I must say respectfully that I do disagree that”if you can choose what time you want to go to the ER you dont have an emergency” this is obviously written from someone that is not well versed on having any sort of chronic disease, or the type of insurance that dosent let you see your doctor with any sort of dignity you must endure the ER first, you cannot be admitted the normal way…you get in only after a nightmarish endurance test…believe me, when you do have something chronic it is a awful enough, but to sit there for up tp 8 hours is just pure hell, so I do hope this has been some small help to someone out there take good care, my wish is that you never have to go to the ERand by the way to “Anonymous, who wrote “you know there are reasons to go to the ER that may not be life thretning a broken bone for example” my good lord, I cannot even wrap my brain around that sort of unenlightened statement do you realize that if they set it wrong the bone fuses and you never get the use of thatlimb again this is not the place to truly adress someone that is so unevolved I hope you re-read what you wrote, I cannot believe that someone is an idiot, I could not find an easier softer word for this person as I said it is way beyond my comprehension, thanks for letting me share..K

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