A man sues a doctor for having an affair with his wife


His statement of claim says Dr. Wisniowski failed to provide professional and competent therapy, that he breached the fiduciary doctor-patient duty by having a sexual relationship while providing marital therapy, that the doctor’s actions were “intentional and malicious” and that he showed “careless disregard” for Mr. Baerken’s well-being and his marriage.

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  • ipanema

    Well, my jealous husband threatened one of my doctors before. It was unfounded. He was there and I think he didn’t like the rapport I had with my doctor. After consultation, he told me, “You two are quite friendly with each other.” It was my turn to threaten him. He apologised. This was four years ago.

    Last year, he was hospitalised and one of his doctors asked me if we’ve met before, I told him no. Maybe I just look familiar. He said this in front of my husband. After that, he change doctors…lol I’ll better not go with him next time he goes to a hospital.

  • Anonymous

    This man has a valid complaint as far as I’m concerned. He should be officially reprimanded for behavior that is outside what is expected of physicians. If you are a licensed professional in whom people place their trust you should be punished if you deliberately abuse that trust at your patient’s expense.

  • ipanema

    Mr. Baerken suffered any injury or damages it was because of his “medical and psychiatric condition” and not due to anything the doctor may or may not have done.

    It’s easy to declare someone mentally incapacitated in cases like this. It’s unfortunate that the doctor was treating him and not the wife. On the other hand, if he was treating the wife, she could be accused the same.

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