Frist on the ER crisis

It all starts with liability reform:

To begin with, we must fix the broken medical liability system that drives doctors out of emergency room practice, increases costs, and contributes to wait times. Some opportunistic trial lawyers, quite simply, have converted our litigation system into a lottery that damages medical care for almost everyone. We should also build more community health centers to provide free or inexpensive care for the uninsured, roll out privacy protected electronic medical records for everyone who wants them, and work to cover more Americans who currently lack health insurance.

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  • Anonymous

    None of it is true. CJD says so.

  • Chris, RN

    Dear Dr Frist:

    Medicaid patients in the state of Tennessee were cut off of benefits under your watch recently. Because of this, they were forced to turn to Emergency Rooms for vital, life-savings medications that would otherwise be prescribed in a routine office visit. I have first hand knowledge of the devastating effects of this policy. Patients in their 30′s, in the middle of chemotherapy, had no where to turn. Patients in wheelchairs, diabetics, COPD’ers, the list is endless had no where to turn. Thanks Dr Frist. You’re a real charmer.

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