Fat doctors

This Medscape video editorial chastises obese physicians:

Physicians rally against obesity, and yet, we are not doing all we can. Sadly, those of us who fail to embrace lifestyle recommendations in our personal and professional lives promote a public perception that lifestyle change is ineffective or unrealistic.

(via Notes from Dr. RW)

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  • Anonymous

    Fat doctors! OMG! Get out the handcuffs!

    If anything, this should point to how difficult it can be for people, even physicians, to lose weight. And as you are all so fond of pointing out, physicians are human too.

  • Anonymous

    Surely setting a bad example for one’s patients constitutes malpractice most foul. A plague of lawyers could soon dispose of all overweight physicians, perhaps by eating them.

  • Anonymous

    I would rather have an overweight Dr. try to educate me about obesity, than some litle skinny guy who never had to watch anything he has eaten in his life.

  • ipanema

    There’s some truth in that Anon 3:37. Well, who can better explain obesity than one who is suffering. For as long as he won’t be hallucinating that he’s of ideal weight. :)

  • jb

    echo the point of 3:37

    I run marathons, bike, etc., and have stayed skinny my whole life (40yrs). I probably could become fat if I tried because there is some heavy beef on both sides of my family, but I have never tested out my “potential”. As an ER doc I have about one minute to establish some type of rapport with a patient. I have found that if I made any type of comment about the health concerns of obesity I can sense seething resentment in a second. So I just don’t talk about it any more because it will become counterproductive to the whole encounter. Often patients will say “How do you stay so fit doc?” Well, then that gives me an opportunity for education. What really makes me sad is to see the fat little kids.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like doctors have fallen in the same trap as all other overweight or obese people. They are fat for the same reason the populance is, they are on the famine feast cycle.

    famine to lose weight, feast when you can’t stand the hunger and undereating anymore. these doctors can have more compassion then someone who has not had to lose alot of weight or who are weight stable with little effort.

    I guess their survival instincts are in full swing just like the rest of us fatties.


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