Blind belief in alternative medicine

Robert Scoble writes about how his mother’s blind belief in alternative medicine may have hastened her death:

But, she had some wacky beliefs. It’s why I wasn’t very close with her. She was VERY into alternative medicine and didn’t believe in doctors at all.

That belief might have cost her some time here. We’ll never know for sure.

One reason I wanted to share this is if you aren’t feeling well, go see a doctor, even if you don’t have health insurance. It might save your life.

(via Heart Disease)

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  • SarahW

    Seeing a regular doctor is not necessarily going to get something caught early. Doctors suffer from denial, too. Sometimes one has to be very naggy and remind them of worst case scenarios ( the ones that inspire little visions of lawyers dancing in their heads) even to get through that denial.

    I just found out I have a respectable-sized mass on the left side of my thyroid and one lit-up node. I’ve been complaining of symptoms of pain and fullness on that side of my throat for two full years, including a hoarseness that feels like the LEFT vocal cord “gives out” or doesn’t work right.

    Call me princess and the pea, but I deserved better that a dismissve “Oh, its probably just Globus hystericus” and a shoo out the door.
    But doctors deny. They can cause as much delay and minimization of symptoms as wacky beliefs. If I hadn’t really stamped my foot and insisted, he would be clinging to his “it’s nothing” opinion…despite ample signs and symptoms of something amiss. (If you want the list to decide for yourself, just ask.)

  • Cathy

    Sarah, I’m sorry you are facing this. Best of luck to you!

  • Anonymous

    “If I hadn’t really stamped my foot and insisted, he would be clinging to his “it’s nothing” opinion…despite ample signs and symptoms of something amiss.”

    Well then just apply a batwing and alfalfa poultice and pray for the alternative medicine Gods to cure you.

  • Anonymous

    anon, 12:17….What is the explanation for your out of line remarks? Is it just a compulsive need to show your arrogance? Please know that the only thing you added to this conversation was most likely to make someone who is already dealing with a negative medical experience have just a bit more pain and doubt.

  • Beth

    Why must we use only one exclusively? I am very into alternative medicine but I also realize there is a place for traditional medicine too. Regular doctors do often miss things and they also diagnose incorrectly on ocassion too. It’s always wise to get a second opinion and even a third if neccessary. One of these, I believe, should be an alternative medicine specialist. If you feel unwell you should see a doctor but alot of us don’t because we really can’t afford it and are refused if you try. It isn’t always as easy as some would like to think if you can’t afford it.

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