Your lucky day: Doctors gone wild II

A doctor tries to smuggle ecstasy by taping the drugs to his scrotum.

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  • Jeremy

    Sounds like a wonderful place for a drug dog to sniff around.


  • Anonymous

    OK, the ectasy and canabis resin (hashish) I understand, but skunk weed? Is this a peculiarly British indulgence or does skunk weed have another name in American English?

    Can I have some?

  • Gasman

    Where are the civil liberty advocates?

    This was a random search of an entire crowd. In order to localize the scent to one person the police dog had to stick his nose in someones crotch. Then somehow this became a means for this guy’s right to be secure in his posessions (see the Bill of Rights) to be suspended and the police conducted a strip search of his genitals.

    Watch out for the next crotch sniffing dog; he might be just a normal dog, or he might be a police informant. If dog approaches your crotch do you have the right to prevent a police search? Frankly, I like many others, feel intimidated by large dogs and am afraid to assert myself to prevent a sniff so as not to provoke a bite. Other humans might inadvertently welcome the dog’s attentions. Either way, the person lacks the knowlege that they are being searched, or lacks the ability to consent or refuse such a search.

    Big Brother is watching, and sniffing.

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