This should be mandatory for any malpractice lawyer

This has been discussed before here. This is a fantastic idea:

Drexel University in Philadelphia is offering a new “mini medical school” for trial lawyers to learn about their clients’ conditions.

The program, offered through a partnership between the university’s medical and law schools, is sponsored by the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association and the Philadelphia Association of Defense Counsel.

The program is designed to help trial attorneys better evaluate potential claims and defenses, and arrives just at the end of a medical-liability debate in Congress that pitted doctor and trial-lawyer associations against each other.

One-day sessions are available on the physiology, diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions frequently encountered by trial attorneys.

I wish there were malpractice law courses available to physicians. Both sides can benefit from learning what’s on the other side of the fence. (via This Makes Me Sick)

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  • Anonymous

    Why do you assume this will make lawyers evaluate cases more critically before bringing suit?

    This is designed to save lawyers money. Usually they hire legal nurses to do initial case review. This course will allow them to skip the nurse process and just screen the cases themselves.

    That makes lawyers MORE LIKELY to file suit, not less likely. They are gaming the system, just as always.

  • Samson Isberg

    I second that. This idea is brilliant only if you believe lawyers act the way they do out of ignorance (well, according to Socrates they do, but he spoke of ethical ignorance, which is another thing altogether). I believe they act out of malice, and then a course like this will only make them worse.

    Sending them to a North Korean brainwashing camp could be more cost-effective.

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