Meet the world’s most soothing robot

It has been shown to help with Alzheimer’s disease:

Named the world’s most soothing robot by Guinness World Records, the robot can express emotions and react sensitively to humans by cooing, moving delicately and opening and closing its eyes. It looks happy when patted on the head and gets angry when ignored. Paro has been shown to help people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and mental disorders by reducing stress, activating the immune system and stabilizing heart rate and blood pressure.

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  • ipanema

    This is great. Anything to ease pain of those who are suffering. I’m just concerned about the angry expression, this shouldn’t have been programmed. I don’t think one needs negative emotions when one is ill. But if there’s a reason, so be it.

    I hope there will be other huggables for other illnesses as well. This is a good stress reliever. I need one. :)

  • DrPak

    Wouldn’t a puppy or kitten be cheaper?

  • Cathy

    I don’t know about that Dr. Pak. My mom had alzheimer’s and I think when she was at end stage, she might have hurt a kitten or puppy. I bought her a baby doll that she carried around with her all day long. She rocked her and changed her clothes and loved on her for hours each day. Then she would get frustrated and throw her against the wall, or tell me to take this screamin brat and make her behave. My mother had been a very loving person before her illness ( I never seen her throw anything or anybody against a wall) but alzheimer’s takes all that away.

    Having a pet would have just been one more thing for me to have to keep a watch over and clean up after. I would sure recommend a doll baby though. It filled many of hours for her.

  • diora

    This is a good stress reliever. I need one. :)
    Well, since you don’t have Alzheimer’s you could just get a cat. This thing will not jump into your bed, rub your legs, or chase a toy and is way too predictable. I do agree that for somebody who cannot be trusted with pets (including includes some healthy people as well who want cats but cannot deal with claws) this toy is great.

    The toy could be improved upon to do funny tricks.

  • ipanema

    lol diora. yes, they should be programmed with funny tricks.

    Dr. Pak, I don’t like puppies, kittens, or anything furry. :)

  • Anonymous

    “and get’s angry when it is ignored” What does it do when it gets angry? Does it become “chucky” and run around the house killing everyone? Thats just great for alzheimer’s patients, a tempermental robot running the house.

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