"Like showing an air crash film on a plane"

Regarding ABC’s bird-flu movie:

ABC will be showing a movie called’Fatal Contact – Bird Flu in America’. Isn’t this like showing the film’Jaws’ to a group of surfers, or’Titanic’ to passengers on a cruise ship, or’The Exorcist’ to a group of children just before they go to bed, or one of the many plane crash movies to passengers on an airplane?

The film shows total panic in the streets, piles of dead bodies being burned, whole city areas closed off, soldiers patrolling all over the place, barbed wire sectioning – total pandemonium.

The movie’s aim, apparently, is to get Americans more prepared for a possible flu pandemic. More likely it will make millions of people anxious and raise the possibility that total panic will break out no matter how harmful or mild a pandemic may be.

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  • TXMed

    I’ve been a littel preturbed by ABC, and its marketing particularly of this MOW for some time. They’re passing it off almost as a public service announcement but its written by a gentleman whose other credits include ‘Atomic Twister’ (?) and its basically a giant panic button.

    It has no message other than “be afraid, be very afraid”

  • HankBarnes

    It has no message other than “be afraid, be very afraid

    That’s exactly right. But, the purpose of conveying this message is a bit more insidious.

    It is “be afraid, be very afraid” and don’t object when we dole out billions of $$ for vaccination research and impose mandatory testing, and, worst case scenario, quarantine a few folks.

    A scared populace is a compliant populace — the politicians have understood this since Macchiavelli.

  • Anonymous

    This movie may wake some people up but can scare others. People need to read as much as they can about the flu and keep up to date with changes. We need to make educated decisions and be prepared. You may want to see our site.


  • Anonymous

    It is better to be prepared in this case. Hollywood does tend to overdramatize, but it wouldn’t hurt to store some extra water and provisions in the closet. After all, don’t expect help from the federal goverment…

  • Anonymous

    “it wouldn’t hurt to store some extra water and provisions”

    don’t forget the virus-proof duct tape…

  • Anonymous

    You just have to wonder how many people are going to think this stupid movie is a documentary, dont you?

  • NeoNurseChic

    Tonight at work, a woman in housekeeping said to me, “You know, they’re saying more and more about this bird flu. It’s really making me nervous.” I told her that the movie was fictionalized and designed to create a panic. Her response was: “Maybe so, but I really hope this doesn’t happen. Seems like it’s going to happen.” She really was going on and on about it.

    It didn’t help that the 11pm news was leading off with stories about protecting yourself from bird flu and making it sound like the flu was already roaming the streets of Philadelphia. I tried to tell her that it was because the movie was on tonight, but the housekeeping lady really already had her mind made up that they were reporting on it because of sudden changes that had to be breaking news.

    It’s one thing to be informed and prepared, but this is a little extreme….

  • Anonymous

    Given that it was shown at the same time as American Idol, I doubt it had that many viewers…

  • Anonymous

    terrible movie.

  • Anonymous

    Just watched part of it, about 15 minutes. Bad acting. Terrible dialogue. Hurricane Katrina on CNN was much better.

  • Anonymous

    Did people show up to work at hospitals in the movie? Because they aren’t going to show up when the real thing happens, why put your name on a chart when not only are the sodomites a threat, but there’s a true risk of death by walking into a Bird flu-filled ER. Double barreled threat. The hell with that. I’m staying home.

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