"[Inmates] all of a sudden became very health-conscious when they are in custody"

People in jail often get better health care than those on the outside:

“These people may have neglected their own health on the outside, but once they get in here they develop all kinds of ailments,” Hertz said. “The ailments may just be outlandish, but we can’t afford to tell them they’re crazy. We have to err on the side of caution because if they really are sick, and we don’t provide care, we’re opening ourselves to a lawsuit. It’s just a difficult situation.”

(via This Makes Me Sick)

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  • Flight-ER-Doc

    How about when they get arrested just to get health care?

  • Michael Rack, MD

    the same thing happens at state psychiatric hospitals

  • Anonymous

    I know an inmate in Alabama prison who has longterm pain problems as a result of an injury suffered while in the army.
    She now gets 1 advil a week.

    Sound like we all better get sentenced to prision for superior medical care.

  • diora

    Seem to remember an O’Henry story about some guy trying to get arrested to get food and a place to sleep.

  • WilliamManginoMD

    It is absolutely not true that prisoners, in general, get good or better health care.

    In 1996 I was the medical director at The State Correctional Institution, at Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.

    While todays comments were fair-to some degree- don’t get trapped into feeling that inmates get good care.

    In most cases care is adequate. With complex disease care falls well below the civilian standard.

    A better issue to concern yourselves with is the money spent for private contracts; most of which is ‘sifted’ off the top.

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