How delays in payments increase medical costs

Well, that’s what happens when profits takes precidence:

Tardiness or refusal to pay what doctors consider legitimate medical claims may add as much as 15 to 20 percent in overhead costs for physicians, forcing them to pursue those claims or pass along the costs to other patients.

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  • Marketplace.MD

    You cannot deny a cash payment or a debit from a Health Savings Account, Kevin.

    See the SimpleCare movement ( for more about cash only docs and see Marketplace.MD Update ( for the latest news on HSAs.

    Also keep an eye out for this weeks submisison to Grand Rounds from “The Marketplace MD”, which will arguing why HSAs and Consumer-Driven Health Care are good for practicing physicians because they are spurring the move to real-time payment and adjudication at time of service.

    To translate, with cash-like HSA payments you don’t get denied and you do get paid right away.