Dr. 90210, action hero

He restrains an unruly passenger on a plane:

Dr. Robert Rey, a plastic surgeon who practices martial arts, told The Associated Press he got out of his seat and intervened when he heard the man make a “big noise” as he pushed a female flight attendant toward the cockpit.

“When you get a black belt, at that stage your brain just clicks into action,” the doctor said. “I restrained this gentleman in a very aggressive way without hurting him.”

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  • Anonymous

    Flight crewmembers described the man as “very frail,” Sanez said.

  • Gasman

    Just another celebrity moment for Dr. Rey. I understand that for his next trick he will ‘take out’ a blind man attempting to jay walk.

  • Anonymous

    Good for him!! Just because the guy was older doesn’t mean it’s not scary. Other passengers also had to intervene and the man did knock down a flight attendant. All he did was subdue him, so I think that’s brave. Many people would just sit there and do nothing. The pilot could have been distracted if the guy did make it to the cockpit. I say way to go Dr Ray!!

  • Anonymous

    Whatever Dr. Rey. Glad you got your blackbelt now you can move on.

  • Anonymous

    How old is Dr. Ray? Does anyone know?

  • Anonymous

    Who wants to be a plastic suregon?
    It looks like a nice profession, but REALLY who wants to be thirty and just finishing school.

  • Anonymous

    i would really like 2 know how old dr. ray is 2… im guessing 50?…cause he looks so weird

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