The DNR tattoo

Chris Rangel takes a closer look.

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  • ipanema

    At least family members won’t fight over your wishes if you have the tattoo. This is better, paperless living will that no one can question once they see it. There’s no need for a lawyer even. Can they chop the notary seal too, to authenticate it? :)

  • Gasman

    Only problem with such a tatoo is its relative permanence.

    The patient might have recently changed their mind but been unable to have it removed because of time, expense or neglect. Indeed, is the tatoo a political statement or a legal directive? One would have to ask why an emergency medical team was present to read the tatoo. Was it because the patient themself or via a surrogate had called for emergency assistance?

  • ipanema

    then commission another one with “recent update” engraved. :)