A "black box" in the OR

Similar in concept to an airplane’s black box, can this be coming soon?

Doctors attending a medical conference in Tobago have been told of a new device, called a “medical black box,” capable helping doctors improve their surgical skills and of detecting malpractices in operating theatres.

“The black box or clinical data recorder will allow data to be recorded and lead to improvements in patient care.” said Pro. Sir Ara Darzi,consultant cardiologist attached to St Mary’s Hospital, Imperial College, London.

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  • Gasman

    It’s not just semantics. It is stated that the black box would detect malpractice in the OR but this is just not true. If it were somehow actively monitoring the situation and could give immediate and useful feedback then we could call it a ‘detector’. But it is nothing more than a recorder, that detects and monitors nothing. It merely allows the nature of malpractice speculation to change. Arguments about the order of events, timing of actions and drugs, and other such matters will be more settled so the focus will merely shift to matters that a visual and vital signs record cannot clarify.

    Such a device would not matter in the least for most cases. My only suit involved a patient asking for 6 million dollars for the 2 cm scar on his arm from an infiltrated IV. Nutty suits will always be with us as long as the plaintiff and attorney have little to loose by filing.

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