You think we have a problem with the uninsured? Take a look at China:

A construction worker, his leg smashed in a bulldozer accident, sat all night outside a city hospital here, afraid to go in. A doctor told him to bring $600 cash – more than he earns in a year – and prepare for an amputation. His buddies wheeled him away on a flatbed tricycle.

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  • Anonymous

    You failed to mention the second paragraph:

    “Where they took him says much about the state of the Chinese health care system: Zhao Huaqiong, a 58-year-old retired doctor who fashions her life on Mother Teresa or Albert Schweitzer, took care of him. “

    In Massachusetts, a similar “wallet biopsy” occurs when a suburban hospital ships an uninsured patient to Boston for “more specialized care” when in fact they are shipping them to the city hospital because the patient is uninsured. This doesn’t happen as much as it used to (probably since it’s illegal), but it still happens. Not that I blame the specialists, usually orthopods. Who the hell wants to come into the hospital at 2 am, not get paid, and get sued for your trouble?

  • ipanema

    She deserves a medal. Such commendable acts of selflessness one seldom find nowadays. Clearly a disciple of Mother Teresa. :)

    A common story of migrant workers who flock to the booming coastal towns of China hoping to find a job away from the poor rural areas of the central and northern China.

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