Treating Doctors as Drug Dealers: The Drug Enforcement Administration’s War on Prescription Painkillers. A must-read on why pain is undertreated. (via THCB)

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  • WilliamManginoMD

    The DEA is trying to stop all opioid prescribing-period.

    I have written extensively on this subject, as have many others.

    I`m on if anyone wishes to read these opinions. Refer any comments to Kevin-MD.


  • katy

    I’m so glad you posted this and it’s getting wider attention. I found this piece a few weeks ago–it was quite an eye opener. Excellent article

  • Gasman

    Picking the low hanging fruit.
    As the article pointed out physicians are soft targets that don’t use aliases, move through cover of darkness, pack heat, use cash only. No, docs keep a high profile, stay in one place, maintain scuplous records of their drug prescribing practices.

    This just gives me the willies. Everything I thought I was doing to smartly keep myself safe from prosecution turns out to only make it easier on the state. What used to be a collegial relatioship with the DEA in prevening diversion has now become adversarial.

    Patients are caught in the middle because any patient could be a government agent trying to make a case against me, or could be a legitimate patient who will join the government’s case against me in order to make trumped up charges against them go away.

    Probably the safest thing to do would be to just let my DEA registration lapse and give up narcotic prescribing altogether.

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