Suing because of oversized breast implants:

Three New York women who underwent breast augmentation surgery say they never wanted to look like Pamela Anderson and are suing because of oversized implants.

The three are suing Dr. Brad Jacobs, saying he left them deformed by stuffing oversized implants into their breasts.

“I wanted to leave with a 34B — but the day after my surgery, I was huge,” Felice Rosenbaum of Manhattan told the New York Post. She said when Jacobs was finished she was a double-D, with the aching ribs and shoulders to prove it.

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  • ipanema

    The price of being vain.

    Leaking? Call the plumber. :)

  • Anonymous

    mcfly… Did u think u would have major surgery with no pain or swelling, your either one of the dumbest or greediest people on earth. After surgery u are swollen for months… and all this info is given to anyone who has this procedure done. Well good luck cause now u probably look as dumb as your lawsuit.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God some people are suing this scumbag. I know for a fact that he has performed surgeries while high on methamphetamine and ecstacy. He is known for using his office and his “practice” to pick up strippers. He has no ethics, he is not board certified, and it is a wonder he has stayed in practice all these years. He is the lowest of the low.

  • Anonymous

    i didn’t have a positive experience with dr. jacobs. he is not board certified and put in much larger implants than i asked for. i did not sue but wish that i had.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ipanema. I just noticed your comments. I just wanted to say, Thank YOU!!

    Brad Jacobs, MD

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Anonymous! AKA Coward!!!! Of course you would be too chicken to show your name, since as you very well know, your comments are completely incorrect and slanderous and you know I have no patience for this illegal crap. You are probabaly just another jealous “Wanna be me”!

  • Anonymous

    I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Jacob’s and so did many friends I know. Also, being board certified doesn’t mean much these days, as long as you spent time training properly. Several of the big television star PSs are not certified either and that is something a patient can easily check before they go to a doctor. No reason to complain about that afterward. I know he has performed 12,000 breast surgeries so a handful of complaints out of 12,000 doesn’t seem all that bad when you think about it. I’m sure most doctor’s who only performed 1,500 let’s say have at least one or two complaints.

  • Anonymous

    I had my revision with Dr. Jacobs 3 months ago. This was my second revisions (3rd surgery) and although its too soon to tell, he seems to have finaly got it right. However, I can see how this lawsuit happened. He likes very large breasts — he suggested 600cc for me when I only considered 400cc. Last minute he went with 500cc and I’m glad he did – I’m a full 34D … 600cc would have put me in the 34DD category, which I would have hated.

    It seems that his idea of a cup size is very much skewed, but that is the only “fault” I can personaly find.

  • Brooks

    I personally had a wonderful experience with Dr. Jacobs and so did many friends I referred. Dr. Jacobs is not a scumbag, the media always exagerrate to sell. I would like to know how the heck you know for a fact he smoked meth unless you smoked with him. Are you a stripper he picked up? Dr. Jacobs is a great doc. GOD bless him and his family.

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