A letter defends Walgreen’s customer notes (written about previously):

These “notes” are descriptions to prepare the professional for the client, good or bad. And if the client is acting out, then the professional should be able write what he/she wishes to prepare for the next time.

It is about time some of the rude people should hear that they are, in fact, rude.

What hurts is that now when I pick up my prescription, I will have to pay more because of the attorney’s costs and awards that might be given to these people. I would like these people to spend a month behind the counter of a drug store and take notice of how rude the customers can be. Maybe they will be a little nicer next time.

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  • Charity Doc

    In my busy ER of 75,000/yr. census, we see drug seekers all the time and mark them with a special code on our computer generated route sheet. I saw a guy just the other day feigning to have a kidney stone. Oh, he was good at it, too. Acted out the part and writhed around just like one. Even pretend to have dry heaves, too. Fortunately, we have this guy pegged and coded. He had several spiral CT’s in the past that never showed any evidence of a stone. His urine dip was strongly positive for blood. I got suspicious and asked the nurse if it was a witnessed urine sample? Turns out it was not. I asked for a witnessed urine sample, the guy pretended that he couldn’t urinate any more. I ordered a cath U/A. He refused to be cath’ed. This guy is notorious for using a needle to stick his own finger and squeeze the blood into his urine sample. I was about to blog this story on my site when I came across your post.

  • Anonymous

    Preparing the professional is one thing. Demeaning people behind their backs is quite another, especially if they happen to find out about it. As I recall, the Walgreen’s issue was not about difficult customers per se, but had more to do with singling out people who were prescribed medication for anxiety or depression and targeting them for derogatory comments on their pharmacy record – in a word, discrimination.

    It should not be that hard for a provider to come up with a discreet system for alerting people to habitual drug-seekers and the like. For instance, a special code on the route sheet, like charity doc mentioned. Or color-coded stickers or whatever method you choose. It would remove some of the subjectivity from the process and would be more professional – and hopefully more useful and informative – than just writing in someone’s pharmacy record that they’re “shady.”

  • Anonymous

    Instead of coding her chart, so the lawyers could see it, and she could retire due to “my feelings were hurt”, the clerk should have just bitch slapped her off camera, and it would have been his words against hers. And who the heck would believe a Walgreens clerk bitch slapped a crazy old lady? Even the lawyers wouldn’t take the case.

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