ICD-9 code 939.0: RangelMD gives us a case that has to be read to be believed.

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  • jerry

    Urethral foreign bodies I have seen in my ER career:

    -beaded necklace
    -crack pipe

    Some rectal FB’s I have removed in my ER career:

    -billiard ball
    -shampoo bottle
    -toothpaste tube
    -tomato soup can
    -countless dildo’s
    -monkey wrench (same one, again in same patient a year later)
    -light bulb
    -crack pipe

    I will never forget when I was a med student and I was shadowing an old experienced, gruff, no-nonsense ER doc and I presented a case of a stuck dildo to him. He walked into the room and asked the nervous young man “Do you want me to take it or just changed the batteries??

  • Anonymous

    you are a saint for helping these animals…and all you get is lawsuits and rising malpractice premiums…oh well, just keeping doing what you’re doing and practicing defensive medicine, the Americans will get what’s coming to them eventually…

  • jerry

    I neglected vaginal FB’s

    -lost condom
    -lost tampon
    -silver dollar
    -wads of tissue
    -a baby from “I can’t possibly be pregnant”
    -toy dinasaur
    -and of course, a crack pipe

  • Anonymous

    My favorite: I saw a guy who stuck a big metal screw in his penis; and he liked the way it felt so he stuck a second metal screw in. They couldn’t get it out with a scope, so they had to slice open his penis and manually remove the screws.

  • 7ontheline

    Nice, I like how the baby is considered a vaginal FB, haha.

    Anyway, Anonymous 8:00, what’s with the anger? This hardly seems like the article to elicit such rancor.

  • Anonymous

    True story, and only slightly OT:
    I was working in an ER in a city with a large homosexual population. A man came in to the ER with a complaint of rectal bleeding. I asked him if any foreign bodies had been inserted into his rectum. His reply: “No, only Americans”.

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me when I asked a 16 year old with abdominal pain if she was sexually active. She said “No, I just usually lie there” (while the guy is active)

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