How do you see 50 patients a day? Let your administrative assistant see some of them:

Waterbury physician Juan Fica hired a man 10 years ago to help around his office by seeing patients, diagnosing illnesses and writing prescriptions.

The problem was the man Fica hired, Elie Nakouzi, was not a licensed physician. Fica also billed insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid for work Nakouzi did, but fraudulently indicated that he performed the work.

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  • Trish K

    I’m a graduate student taking a blogging course and I stumbled upon this article. Since I live in the town right next to Waterbury I’m certainly glad that I never had this physician.
    Thanks for your blog and for choosing the medical profession.

  • Anonymous

    On a typical night i’m forced to see 40 patients in 8 hours in my ER. I’m not sure that’s any safer then if I saw 20 and had some flunky see the other 20. It’s pretty scary what I have to do to keep up as the place goes totally out of control. Unfortunately I’ve been told that you can’t use patient volume as a defense in court and a Jury would never understand.

  • ipanema

    Ever wonder why some doctors are sued? His commitment is to his bank account. Pity there are scumbugs like him.

    Didn’t know that blogging is now part of the curriculum (if it really is, then am rusty). Well, one my friends deserves an honours on this. :)

  • Anonymous

    I was a patient of Dr. Fica’s until recently. I also thought there was something strange with this other man in the office. He seemed out of place. He came in the exam room 1 time and asked me questions. He didn’t treat me. I just thought it was strange that he didn’t introduce himself or tell me his name.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why Dr. Fica was allowed to continue practicing while under indictment.

    Our GI sent my son to Dr Fica to discuss his weight problem and that was only a few weeks ago.

    It was only today from our PCP that we learned that Dr. Fica was going to jail. At least that was our PCP’s understanding.

    However good a doctor he might be, how could anyone trust him? I am outraged that any doctor would still refer a patient to Dr Fica.

  • Anonymous

    I have been a patient of Dr. Fica for over 7 years and find him to be an outstanding doctor. He saved my father’s life when not even the hospital was willing to help him. What he did was not right, however, he still remains an outstanding physician who cares about his patients.

  • Anonymous

    I had been a patient of Dr. Fica’s for over ten years. He was a good doctor in the beginning, but greed got the better of him. I often waited up to 3 hours in his waiting room for a ten minute visit. I saw and was treated by the illegal doctor most of the time with Dr. Fica only poking his head in the door to say hello. Fica signed my prescriptions, even though he didn’t even listen to my heart or check my medical conditions. To make a long story short, the last time I was there, I was told by Fica’s physician assistant that I had an enlarged thyroid and he wanted to do an ultrasound. The ultrasound lead to a biopsy and the biopsy to a diagnosis of thyroid cancer. I had not had an ultrasound by Fica even though he was treating me for my thyroid for over ten years. Thank goodness for the physician assistant! I now go to a wonderful doctor who is right on top of my case.

  • Anonymous

    stumbled across this..

    but whomever called mr nakouzi a physician assistant, is completely incorrect. Please do not group people like this with a liscenced profession,

    I am a PA, we (PA’s) are not “flunkies” by any means. I happen to work just west of Waterbury, as a PA, and somehow missed this controversy. I am very proud to be a PA and cherish the relationships with my supervising physicians, although there is some autonomy in my position, my cases are closely scrutinezed and reviewed on a regular basis, and I am never without my physcian back-up when needed.

    Please refer to for more info on our profession, if you are not familiar with it.

    PA-C for 10 years

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Dr Fica did wrong , But he is still a Good doctor he did not kill anyone in the contray he has saved many lives. Its a shame that a good Doctor would go to jail for commiting insurance fraud which he is not the only one and he won’t be the last. But leave the still leave killers and child molesters wondering the streets

  • Anonymous

    I meant still leave killers and child predators wonder the streets .

  • Anonymous

    I Agree.My whole family have been patients of Dr. Juan Fica for over 15 years. He is a wonderful and caring Doctor; he did never rush his work. He did sent Mr. Nakouzi to start with the patients so they did not have to wait hours in the waiting room; which patients would complain even more if that was the case, to me and to my family Mr.Nakouzi never introduced Himself as a doctor and he did not ever prescribed or signed any thing for me or my family.
    When Doctor Fica Comes back from Jail He will still be my DOCTOR.
    I Guess we have enough Doctors so we can send some to jail.
    Criminals can stick around in the mean time

  • Anonymous

    My brother had Fica as his primary diabetes doctor and when I went with my brother on one of his visits to Fica, Fica was clearly uninterested in anything regarding my brother. My mother who usually accompanied my brother said Fica would look in, spend a minute in the room looking preoccupied and leave again. It was rare that he said anything! Because my brother was handicapped, it was all the more important that he have a strong diabetes doctor. I wish my mother had gone to the Joslin Clinic in Connecticut! I can’t say enough negative things about Fica, especially since my brother, who never did have a decent diabetes doctor, died a few weeks ago. People at the funeral said, “At least he was in the part of Connecticut with excellent doctors,” and I said, “Really? Well, my brother didn’t meet them!”

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Fica was a great doctor. Unfortunately, doctors now need to also be business people. When doctors stop practicing for one reason or another, what happens to patients’ medical records? Are there protocols for disposing of sensitive medical information? In Dr. Fica’s case, I don’t know anyone that was contacted to pick up their records. What happened to those electronic & paper files?

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