FDA should have the power to require drug companies to carry out studies of drugs already on the market according to a bill considered by the Congress.

Vioxx scandal is the latest one that shows why such legislation is necessary.

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  • WilliamManginoMD

    NSAIDS for chronic pain are far more frought with complication than opioids.

    Interesting to live in a society which makes villains out of doctors for legitimate opioid prescribing- while allowing NSAIDS to be sold over the counter.If this isn`t collective malpractice than nothing is.

    Don`t be too quick to blame the drug companies when, in fact, there are far more deaths and morbidity from NSAID use, tacitly condoned by the medical profession; while at the sametimetelling its patientsthattheycan`t take apercoset,or moderate dose of OxyContin,because”You might get addicted.”

    If you are one of those doctors you need to be re- educated as to the issues.In our “Getting one more MRI” medical culture – focused only on achieving cure;then you [ we ] need to understand that the relief of suffering is an honorable goal, while you try to figure out the little medical mysteries that led you to the field in the first place.

    If you use the excuse that all doctors who prescribe opioids risk arrest – then I suggest you get together with your colleagues to lobby for legislative change – just pretend it is a malpractice issue – for your patients.

    WilliamMangino II, M.D. ‘

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Mangino:
    The important point is who are they going to say for taking OTC NSAIDS?

  • ipanema

    I think it’s high time that FDA requires drug companies to carry out studies of drugs already in the market.

    The article talked about post market safety which I think is very important.

    Ironic that I found this in time for someone who questioned me to come up with evidence that millions are dying because of sunscreen. A Reuters article I posted which carries news on a lawsuit about sunscreen.

    Funny how people interpret news articles, studies, recalls and product safety. Well, perhaps they’re the experts.

    But I think I was in the wrong forum. I forgot that it was a commercial site. If I post something that would hurt any of the clients, there goes the business. Ooops, I distance myself.

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