Another blogger quits due to "blog fatigue"

Russell Beattie writes that blogging has become too much of a burden and he decided to give himself a break and probably to start later at a new URL:

“For the rest of my readers, thanks for subscribing it’s been great having you there to write for! Now please *unsubscribe* and give my poor server a break. :-)”

“Blog fatigue” seems to be a common phenomenon among veteran bloggers.

The RSS inventor and blog pioneer Dave Winer also wrote that he plans to stop blogging to free up time and become less of a public figure:

“I want some privacy, I want to matter less, so I can retool, and matter more, in different ways.”

Jacob of Family Medicine Notes (started in 1999) also ponders quitting his blog:

“…blogging has matured, and so has medical blogging. Back in 1999 and 2000, there were a handful of medical bloggers (literally!) and we all had a bit of a role in educating each other and the world about what is is that physicians do, think, read, etc. This was – from my view – a primary purpose of medicalblooging: to enhance the transparency of our profession.

But there’s lots of that now. Hundreds (thousands?) of medlical bloggers are posting daily and – frankly – I don’t think the Internet needs me anymore…”

There is no sign that Kevin, M.D. will be stopping any time soon though… Another blogger quits due to "blog fatigue" I am just filling in for him on his blog for a little while.

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  • The Medical Blog Network

    Looks like my earlier prediction about Russell’s blog turned out right.

    Turning off comments is the first step to blog demise.

    See comments here: How do you deal with comments?

  • Anonymous

    I like the ones who selectively turn off comments when they post on controversial issues. They don’t really want comments, they want praise.

  • ipanema

    True anon 11:46. Not only that, they’ll BAN you. For as long as I haven’t said something that could hurt people in the blog, that’s fine.

    Accept their views gracefully without comprimising your stance. then let it go. What I noticed is that people react after reading the first paragraph, I’ve seen it happen a lot of times. You’ll read 5-6 posts all running in different directions. Read first before you comment.

    I usually laugh at them and not join the fray. I give these posters 0 for comprehension…lol

    Going back to the topic, I think I won’t last. It’s draining.

  • ipanema


  • Anonymous

    I think a person can turn off or on their own comments at their BLOG whenever they choose. They just need to understand that when they do turn them off they will lose alot of their readers.

    Some people don’t BLOG to get public opinions. Many family BLOGS out there that were created too give updates just to a few family members. Those folks don’t care what our opinions may be. Why should they leave their comments on?

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