Today’s Doctors Gone Wild. A physician slaps an elderly woman in the face.

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  • Anonymous

    Why is this considered doctors gone wild? If someone threw food in my face I would bitch slap them to the other side of the world and maybe worse…

    Just because someone is a patient means they can throw food at us?

  • Anonymous


  • ipanema

    The elderly woman is suffering from behavioral disorder accdg. to the short article. I think the doctor didn’t know that, obviously, hence, the slapping.

    He was suspended because he has a history of run-ons. Only they know the real story.

    I think Dr. Kevin, the title should be ‘Doctor and Patient gone wild’. It would be a happy slapping day :)

  • SarahW

    Her actions are part of her illness. I doubt the doctor was unaware of her condition.

  • SarahW

    A little more about the doctor’s (Eric Paulson) history here:

    “In 2002, his license was suspended for two weeks, and he was ordered to pay a $5,000 fine for lying to the board and for breaking his promise to abstain from alcohol.

    After the slapping incident, the board had Paulson evaluated by an Illinois treatment program. The program raised questions about his ability to safely practice medicine. Because it said Paulson posed an immediate threat to public safety, the board took the unusual step of suspending him before holding a hearing.”

  • Anonymous

    An article in the Dec 22, 2005 issue of New England Journal of Medicine stated that doctors with behavioral problems have exhibited a hint of such behavior while in medical school. The following is from the abstract:

    “Conclusions: In this case–control study, disciplinary action among practicing physicians by medical boards was strongly associated with unprofessional behavior in medical school. Students with the strongest association were those who were described as irresponsible or as having diminished ability to improve their behavior. Professionalism should have a central role in medical academics and throughout one’s medical career.” -NEJM Dec 22,2005.

  • SarahW

    FWIW, he is apparently a specialist in geriatric and internal medicine.

    From A pdf of an Iowa Board of Medical Examiners press release, dated June 5, 2002:

    Eric L. Paulson, M.D., a 48 year-old physician practicing in Carroll, Iowa, was charged by the Board with violating the terms of a Board Order. Dr. Paulson failed to report two criminal arrests, and his consumption of alcohol and he filed false reports with the Board. In November 1999, Dr. Paulson was arrested and charged with Domestic Assault and in May 2001, he was arrested and charged with Public Intoxication. On January 11, 1996, Dr. Paulson’s Iowa medical license was placed on probation for five years due to alcohol abuse. On July 15, 1999, the Board charged Dr. Paulson with violating his Board Order when he consumed alcohol. On January 18, 2001, the Board again charged Dr. Paulson for violating the terms his Board Order when he failed to comply with the Board’s drug screening program. The Board ordered Dr. Paulson to pay a $7,500 fine. A hearing in this matter is set for July 17, A hearing in this matter is set for July 17, 2002.”

  • Anonymous

    Why are you doctor-haters trying so hard to disparage this guy that you would spend the weekend doing web-searches to find dirt on this guy? For those of you that actually do work and don’t live off of us taxpayers, would you tolerate someone at your place of work throwing food in your face? It doesn’t matter if this guy has a history of alcoholism, drug abuse, he did the right thing…

  • SarahW

    If someone threw food in my face I would bitch slap them to the other side of the world and maybe worse…

    No you wouldn’t, not if there was no danger of general mayhem or harm to others, and your patient was fragile, infirm, or demented. You wouldn’t harm a person who couldn’t realistically be expected to control themselves. Would you?

  • SarahW

    Doctor hater. That’s rich.

    I think it’s helpful to know that this guy is impaired. FWIW, popping a name into Google isn’t the hardest work I’ve ever done.

  • Anonymous

    “It doesn’t matter if this guy has a history of alcoholism, drug abuse, he did the right thing…”

    Hey doc, if you think what this doctor did was OK, you’ve got a problem. You need help before you hurt somebody.

  • Anonymous

    Reading comments like some that have been posted makes me fearful for my loved one with dementia. He’s ill. He says and does things he would never have done when he was well. Nobody is arguing that a patient has a right to abuse medical staff, so restrain or sedate them – you don’t hit them. If you’re this mad at the world and hate your job, find something else to do.

  • Anonymous

    You really can’t hit a patient, except if it’s true self defense (ie he has the nurse by her hair and is slamming her head repeately into a wall, which I have seen and interceded in). 2 years ago, a psych pt. kicked me in the nose, and broke my nose. I turned around and walked out of the room. I called the police, who said “what do you expect, he’s a psych patient?” But I never struck back. If I had I could have lost my medical license. When they hot you, you have to “take one for the team”.

  • Cathy

    You would “bitch slap” a patient?

    You just can’t hit patients that are older and suffering with dementia. My Mother had Alzheimer’s. I had to dress for battle everyday to give her a bath, during those final stages. She hit, scratched, pinched, kicked and most anything else you could imagine. That was not my mother causing this behavior, it was the course of Alzheimer’s.

    Why would that have to be explained to a Physician?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous 10:58 apparently forgot to take his Vitamin H this morning. I worked for years taking care of people with dementia and left work bleeding on more than one occassion. I never slapped a patient, I just learned to dodge them a little better.

    Incidentally this physician’s past behavior is relevant. When the Board starts to see a pattern of misconduct, it makes it a little hard to believe them when they get called in the next time.

  • Anonymous

    anon 4:37, anon 5:55, you can spout off until you’re blue in the face about how I would lose my license, get arrested, whatever; do you guys have any emotion or manhood left in you? You could say the same thing about some degenerate off the street that attacks you and hits you in the face…would you do nothing because he had a bad childhood and this is expected of him? Also, you might get involved with the police and get arrested if you hit back, right? What a spineless bunch…I am ashamed that people like you are in the same profession as me.

    You remind me of Michael Dukakis; one of the reasons he lost the election is he was asked what he would do if a prisoner he let out raped his wife…he answered like you would…he would sit back and let the police take over…people don’t look up to someone without a spine.

    Because we are such a spineless bunch, the lawyers gang-bang us, the patients gang-bang us…it’s because physicians like you outnumber physicians like us. If more physicians were like the guy in the original article, I have a feeling there would be a lot less food-throwing going on.

  • Anonymous

    To the LAST anon…You are incredible! Are you somehow making a connection that it takes a MAN with a “spine” to slap and knock around an elderly dementia patient?

    I can think of no bigger “coward” in the world than a MAN who would attack a dementia patient.

    YOU are THE disgrace to the medical profession. I guess you would just like to kill off all the old folks huh?

    You are a vile, disgusting piece of s***!!

  • Anonymous

    “a psych pt. kicked me in the nose, and broke my nose”

    “I worked for years taking care of people with dementia and left work bleeding on more than one occassion”

    Where is the outrage about this?

  • Anonymous

    You are probably the same people who don’t believe in spanking children because they are helpless and can’t contol themselves…I was spanked and look how good I turned out!

  • Anonymous

    When you get older and have plaques and tangles in your brain we’ll just go ahead and smack you around, I’m sure you’ll learn from it (just like when you were spanked as a kid). I’m beginning to think some of you are experiencing an early onset.

  • Anonymous

    What he needs is far more than to be smacked around. He needs a good old fashioned ass kicking.

  • Anonymous

    “Where is the outrage about this?”

    Surely even you can understand the difference between people who understand the consequences of their actions hitting someone else and those suffering from dementia doing so.

  • Anonymous

    maybe we should be talking about how to properly sedate and restrain these people so that medical personnelle are not harmned…

    but then the family would probably complain.

  • DBR

    I think something we’re all missing here is that this physician, who did something I believe MOST physicians would find abhorrent, WAS SUSPENDED FROM PRACTICING MEDICINE.

    The Iowa Board of Medical Examiners did what it is SUPPOSED to do in situations like this. It stopped the physician from having contact with patients pending investigation.

    While we often hear accusations that physician discipline isn’t what it should be or that physicians don’t “police their own” well enough (which is somewhat ridiculous, since medical boards are run by states, and not physicians per se), this system WORKED.

  • Anonymous

    For those following this “saga” he has had his licensed permanently revoked because he could not “be honest with the board” You can read the Iowa Board of Medical Examiners report on their web page. Press release 9/8/2006. Basically this was a small piece of a much bigger puzzle. This physician has a personality problem where he does not take responsibility for his actions. This is a dangerous problem if someone is treating patients.

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