Support for health courts:

That is why we are advocating the creation of a health court system that would benefit patients and doctors alike. Under this non-adversarial system, decisions would be made by neutral medical experts and injured patients would not be pitted against their health care providers. Doctors would be required to immediately admit and apologize when an avoidable mistake has occurred and would offer the injured patient early compensation. If the patient feels the offer is unfair, he would be eligible for an arbitrated appeal. More patients would be compensated and payouts would be predictable and consistent with the injury.

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  • Brock Tice

    Too bad it’ll never happen until doctors start buying politicians.

    There are too many people with too much money who have an interest in the current system.

  • Anonymous

    “neutral medical experts”

    How does one become such a thing? It appears from reading most medical blogs that physicians naturally have a bias toward their own. How does that constitute a “neutral” expert?

    “injured patients would not be pitted against their health care providers.”

    Yes they would. They’d still be saying to their provider that they screwed up and the provider would still be saying no. Or is the standard “avoidable mistake” different from negligence?

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