Some law students planning to represent malpractice plaintiffs are unaware about physicians defensive medicine:

Still, several law students say they have learned from the physicians. They now know about the daily pressures and the impacts of litigation on medical practitioners. Until the class, some were unaware that more physicians are practicing defensive medicine to thwart possible claims.

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  • Elliott

    From the article (referring to the plaintiff’s attorney vetting of cases):

    “His economic incentives work in our favor,” said Weatherford.

    I think, cynically, that the economic incentive of $2700 for two semester hours works in the Law School’s favor as well. Shouldn’t there be a way to conduct a forum (case of the month) on the Internet where a plaintiff’s attorney, a defense attorney, and two opposing expert witnesses discuss a case. It could work towards the same goal of this class. The cases wouldn’t all have to be hard. You could get Ted and Kevin for the defense, CJD and and another doc (maybe have to be anonymous) for the plaintiffs. I’d love to see it.

  • Anonymous

    You would be better off getting an actual med mal lawyer. I’m not one.

    And I don’t think Ted did that kind of work either when he was in private practice. White shoe lawyers at firms like the one he was at don’t often handle much insurance defense work. The insurance industry doesn’t pay that well, as physicians well know.

    But it is a great idea.


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