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The medical license of a Capitol Hill doctor was suspended recently after authorities discovered that he had advertised as an escort on an Internet site.

Earlier this month, the state Health Department’s Medical Quality Assurance Commission suspended Kevin Elliott’s license for five years.

According to the state medical board’s charging papers, Elliott placed an advertisement on an Internet site in January 2005, offering himself as an escort or masseur. The escort service cost $300 per hour.

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  • Anonymous

    I guess his practice wasn’t flourishing.

  • Anonymous

    It is comforting to know that if I ever get sanctioned by my state board that I can still go get a job on capital hill.

  • Anonymous

    What’s the big deal. They’re all for sale out there on capitol hill.

  • Anonymous

    I can understand that such an act is unprofessional, but does it really warrant losing your license? Just because I am a physician and have a state license, then I can’t make extra money as an escort? Hmmmm, there goes my day job….

  • SarahW

    Anonymous 5:03 -

    But wait, there’s more….

    Apparently he was already under a cloud for ummm….patient/former patient spanking.
    In ads for his practice, no less, and in other contexts.

    This 3-17 story in the Seattle Psot-Intelligencer notes the a previous suspension of his license that was stayed as long as he didn’t violate the terms of an agreement with the medical board.

    “This was not the first scrape Elliott, an internist, has had with the medical board.

    In November 2003, the medical board brought charges against Elliott that he had assaulted a companion and his father, Health Department spokesman Jeff Smith said. [The Seattle Weekly ran a story story :about these and other charges/concerns in 2004.]

    One year later, the medical board issued its final order suspending Elliott’s license for 10 years — but stayed that suspension barring further ethical or legal troubles, Smith said. The escort service ad violated that order, he said.”

    Added: the hotlink to the Seattle Weekly article doesn’t seem to work, URL is below, cutting and pasting works.

    8:18 PM

  • SarahW

    Wrong Capitol Hill, guys.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know where Dr. Elliott is now? He was the best pcp I ever had. Its too bad what happened. I wish he could still treat me.

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