A second opinion on diagnosis and treatment differs substantially from the first in at least 10% to 20% of cases in which people are facing “major, life-threatening, life-altering” conditions.

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  • Gasman

    Differing opinions.
    Not everything in medicine is crystal clear and indisputable.

    That such a large number of significant opinions are disputed is evidence not of malpractice, but demonstrate the realities of the actual uncertainty of medicine.

    The underlying message is that the second opionion is somehow more correct than the first. Since the physicians were chosen in essentially random order, could have gone to Dr. B first before Dr. A, the patient could be presented with exactly the same conundrum. Or not; if they got an answer they were satisfied with (whether right or wrong) they might not have sought a second opinion.

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    The USA Today article also mentions the the Cleveland Clinic second opinion online service for $ 565:


  • Anonymous

    I don’t think local Drs. should be judged and compared to second opinions received at big training hospitals. For example they list “John Hopkins” as one of the hospitals where people either go or send biopsies that were read wrong by local doctors. These BIG hospitals see such a large number of certain biopsies that they are much more trained and experienced on those issues.

    An example is a biopsy read by local pathologist as positive for Barrett’s esophagus. But, is it really Barrett’s? I literally know of hundreds of people who have sent these exact slides to John Hopkins and had their diagnosis reversed. With this particular biopsy it is very hard for some endoscopists to get the right area, if they biopsy below that Z line then they get a false positive reading. You can get a biopsy slide read by sending it to JH for about 200.00 and many times your ins. will pay for it. JH has an online Barretts esophagus board and many many people use them for second opinions.

    I didn’t know you could get online second opinion from CCF. You didn’t use to. When I went to them I had to go in person and receive all new tests, they only trust their own pathologists and they didn’t use to except ones from local Drs.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with gasman. Those who think there is always one answer or diagnosis in medicine are merely displaying their ignorance of medicine.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know anyone who thinks that diagnoses are *always* certain..

    I think patients want to know the uncertainties, AND they want to know what is going on. They want their doctor not to close his mind or anchor on the three similar cases he had last week, ignoring the differences or failing to consider possibilities, especially when outcome is on the line or a life-altering course of treatment is suggested.

    I can remember being pretty annoyed with the ne

  • Anonymous

    “I don’t know anyone who thinks that diagnoses are *always* certain..”

    Jim Sokolove, the sodomite who advertises 50 times a day on daytime TV (cause his clients never work). The most certain diagnosis for him is mesothelioma. Look it up on google and he’s the first hit you get.

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