Miracle Workers is going to further promote overtesting:

“It sounds scary, frankly,” said Dr. Richard Deyo, professor of medicine and health services at the University of Washington and co-author of “Hope or Hype: The Obsession with Medical Advances and the High Cost of False Promises.”

The “Miracle Workers,” he said, “sounds like it’s destined to create wild expectations on the part of people watching it and perpetrate some myths on how doctors can do miracles.”

Patients with unrealistic expectations are not the only consequence of these TV shows, Deyo said. They’re responsible for at least some part of the skyrocketing costs of health care in this country, too.

Take MRIs. “People really have this conviction that MRIs will be a magic bullet,” he said, when in fact they often are hard to read and show a lot of things that are misleading. They cost about $2,000, he said, and their use is dramatically increasing.

Yet these tests are often not available to the poor and uninsured.

“People don’t connect the two,” he said. “The reason 40 million people in this country don’t have insurance is because it isn’t affordable. And the reason it isn’t affordable is because of the overuse of expensive tests and treatments.”

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  • Anonymous

    1% of people consume 70% of the healthcare dollar.

    Half of the healthcare dollar is spent in the last days of a patients life.

    Insanity. But family “Want everything done” for 86 year old granny riddled with cancer, diabetes, chf, copd, dementia and flog and torture her for just a few days longer. Death is always a bad outcome so doctors are bound to go along with to show that you did and considered everything when little Johny Edwards comes stalking.

  • Anonymous

    Gosh, I wonder where patients got the idea that physicians could do anything and medical products were infallible.

    Could it be the marketing of medical services and products done by physicians and medical device makers and drug companies? Surely not.

  • Anonymous

    keep doing everything possible during those last days…that’s when you give these people what they truly deserve.

  • Anonymous

    Some of us have living will…

  • Anonymous

    doctors can and often do ignore it…the living will is for irreversible conditions…a lot of the time because we are afraid you people will sue, we say the condition is potentially reversible … like congestive heart failure, or pneumonia, then we can put you on the ventilator and so on…so think again…we’ll get you in the end.

  • Anonymous

    a lot of the time because we are afraid you people will sue, we say the condition is potentially reversible …
    Does being single and childless help? Unless you are afraid that my cat can sue you …

  • Anonymous

    you might have a cousin or love-child from Europe that will pop up…we don’t have time when you’re crashing in the icu to figure out your geneology..we err on the side of caution (to protect ourselves)

  • Anonymous

    Anon 10:11

    “Keep doing everything possible during those last days…thats when you give these people what they truly deserve.”

    1.Have you lost everything in a malpractice lawsuit? Are you having a crack up and this is your outlet?

    2. It should be illegal to impersonate a medical Doctor. Are you doing that?

    3. Why don’t you go blab on your own web site? Blogger can teach you how to set one up in just a few minutes.

    4. If by some remote chance you are an ER Doctor you should be in prison.

    5.Nobody thinks your funny or cute or whatever response you are trying to obtain. You make yourself look pathetic.

    6. If your a teenager, tell your parents what you have been doing and how you feel about human beings, they will get you help.

    7. Your a miserable person who needs help badly.

    8.If your a Doctor (doubtful) and are afraid to ask for help, do it anyway. Take the chance before you hurt someone.

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