Meet the physician-host behind ABC’s new series, Miracle Workers:

Nearly everybody at ABC believes that whatever the ultimate fate of Miracle Workers, it will make Burke a star. “Look, he was in here the other day, and all the women were sneaking into the lunchroom to get a peek at him,” confided one network official. “He’s got it.”

But the show also may make him an inviting target for criticism. Internet chat rooms already are simmering over the ethical questions posed by Miracle Workers: Should patients have to cry and suffer on camera to get treatment? Should medical privacy be for sale? Is potential death or disfigurement from an operation gone wrong the ultimate reality-show gimmick?

The show is already on the radar screens of medical professionals.

“The concern is that we’re turning excellent care into entertainment,” says Kenneth Goodman, director of the University of Miami’s bioethics program. “The tradition in medicine is [a commitment] to privacy and to a high standard independent of the ability to pay. This says we’re going to make it public and there may or may not be an incentive to do that.”

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  • Anonymous

    kevin, MD. Redmond Burke is of the highest moral and ethical standards. He has sacrificed huge chunks of his life to attend to the thousands of children he has operated on. He also one of the greatest heart surgeons of his generation. Before questioning the motives, or trivializing it by mentioning his good looks, collect the facts. He is one of the few heart surgeons in the world you would want caring for your child.

  • Jo Ellen Lee

    I live in Flagstaff Arizona rural area, born and raised at the Grand Canyon Natl Park. Only healthcare facility there and I worked 10 yrs with two of the most wonderful physicians who saved so many lives. I now work for a pediatric office with awesome pediatricians. Unfortunately we do not have but a handful of specialist. In all of Arizona we lack pediatric specialist & surgeons. We are blessed with one pediactric cardiolist in our town. Our population here in Flagstaff about sixty thousand. We have peds specialist who travel from Phoenix which is 3 hr drive.
    What I want to say is that I personally love this show and I feel that Dr.Burke and his associates are angels in my eyes. Like I said I have worked with many physicians and his quality of care is not only truly outstanding but his passion, concerns for his patients, family members are so genuine. All the lives he encounters no one walks away with a loss. Why people have to be negative I don’t understand. You take shows like Fear Factor or people that are just plainly not satisfied with themselves. Now to me that is such a waste of time. If anything this show is a positive influence. The way the world is today it only shows there are far and few of these kind of people. Dr. Burke’s kindness,giving personality and all who work with him. They are blessings. I hope the show will get continious awesome ratings. I can only wish to have the opportunity to meet Dr. Burke and his associates. Keep up the wonderful work!!!

    Jo Ellen Lee

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